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Prose and Con Law

Jan 11, 2021

In this week's episode we look at the question of whether banning Trump from Twitter is an infringement of Trump's First Amendment Rights. The answer is rather more definitive than you'd think. As always, join the conversation on twitter or YouTube.

Oct 31, 2020

Join us as we take a quick look at the Electoral College-- why it exists, how it works, why it works, why it might be unfair, and why it's not easy to get rid of-- all in time for Election Day, 2020.

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Oct 9, 2020

We take a quick look at the Twenty-Fifth Amendment: what it is, why it exists, and what it's for.

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Oct 5, 2020

In this episode we look at what determines the Presidential Line of Succession, what the Constitution says about it, and who is currently in in line.

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